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From my friends who are or have been in a controlled environment at sometime or other;

B**## slap to the temple (usually with something sharp in the hand)

Soap Bar in a for a couple of good shots (depends on the make of soap), then you can "wash away the evidence."

Saw this used in high school and also in college, coach used it to stop fights in the locker rooms...the simple combination lock to the a reinforcing tool in the hand or a very short flailing weapon...immediate one hit stop of fight in combatants.

Second the double slap to the grandfather all of 90 pounds, ran to help the neighbor lady who was being beaten by a big Polynesian guy who got into her house to rob her...Polynesian guy also thought it would be a good idea to beat her while he went through her house. Grandpa got him on the way out...big guy picked him up and grandpa double slapped him...popped his ear drums. Grandpa used cupped hands.
When the EMT's arrived, the Polynesian was bleeding from ears and walking in circles in the neighbor lady's front yard...seemed to have effected his middle ear (equilibrium.)

Heavy copper wiring works well. Or it could be aluminum, but copper works's soft, but it hurts.

The heavy rubber divider used at the markets can hurt a lot in the right places.
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