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I almost forgot the most obvious. The fingers. When you are grabbed it is surprising how easy it is to isolate a finger and twist the heck out of it.

One more on the neck area: I have used a forefinger in the windpipe to good results - immediate results. If you can use your attackers momentum to get behind him you can get a sleeper hold on him. I have seen a 120 pound 15 year old teenager totally incapacitate a very strong 190 pound man by getting the sleeper hold on him correctly.
The arm snakes around the attackers throat. The elbow bend is directly in front of his throat and closes like a vice. Clasp the choking hand with the other hand tightly. The pressure is on the carotid arteries. Pull attacker backward and force him into a sitting position. This will bow his head downward into the choke. It takes about 10 seconds before the attacker passes out if technique applied optimally. When the attacker shows passivity, lighten the choke ever so lightly. If he gets aggressive, put it on hard. In this way he will be conditioned to not resist after a few of these. The potential here is the attackers death. Our responsibility is to go as far as it takes, and no more, to bring us and our families to true safety. The answer is not always the most severe techniques. Sometimes it is, but often it is not.
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