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Don't forget that the palm of the hand slapped vigorously over the bad guy's earhole can seriously disorient him. Two hands are even better. Just remember, you have to hit hard enough to make his eardrums pop.

Two fingers up the nose and push straight toward the eyeballs works, too. Wash your hands afterward, of course.

Finally, remember that anything is a weapon if used correctly. Ever see the movie "Extremities" where the girl stops the rapist with a can of oven cleaner? Think about the effect of a ball point pen rammed into a bad guy's windpipe. Take your bunch of keys and arrange them so they stick out between your fingers when you make a fist. The Marines used to teach fighting with a belt; my belt has a Caterpillar buckle that weighs about 14 ounces and has nice square edges -- I'd hate to be whipped on with that! Lastly, I recall reading of a woman who was on the phone to 911 when the burglar got to her, and she beat his head in with the telephone handset. Knocked him cold, and it was all on the 911 tape: "You SON <thud> of a BITCH <thud> BASTARD <thud>!"
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