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Only a minority of individuals have had serious training in self-defense and even fewer have had hands on exposure to violent attack which hones them into real warriors.
Most of us are average over the hill type people. Even so, there may come a time when we will have to do something if and when we and our families are attacked. So what do we do? Get a concealed handgun permit and carry. Carry a knife and learn the fundamentals of knife fighting. I said fundamentals. Nothing fancy. A good book: Master of the Blade by Richard Ryan.
Keep in mind, in hand to hand, that many martial arts techniques that take a million years to perfect are not for you. You want something that will stop your attacker long enough to affect an escape. A kick to the scrotum area is effective but it is not an easy target to connect with, so I do not count that as the best target. Too easy to miss. The throat, eyes and knees are the best targets for us over the hill types. oops, I gotta go. Maybe this will get some good discussion going.
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