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To continue Art's posting......

Modern Infantry tactics were developed by the Germans in WWI. They found that the skills needed to sneak up on an enemy position was strong in the men from the country. They could read terrian better the city folks.

Also their Close Combat skills were better then the city boys. Art has covered that fairly well.

It was noted that during the 60's and 70's....over 70 percent of the Marine Corps came from Southern states. Hunting States with long traditions of guns.

Being a Disabled Marine...Been There..Done That with 23 years service.

This may be the only life we have....enjoy it to the fullest. And if someone tries to end your life....don't think...act to preserve it.

Life's too short to worry about the small stuff.


There are no dangerous weapons....only dangerous men. Robert Heinlein.

When the fear of failure to do one's duty for God and Country overcomes fear of dying, a true warrior is born.
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