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Originally Posted by riverratt View Post
I've been looking on the wonderful internet and haven't seen anything and the guy behind the counter of the big box store seemingly knew nothing about..... well anything so I'll ask here. In the Leupold Freedom line of rifle scopes is there anyway to "lock" your elevation adjustment or cover it with a cap to prevent it from rubbing on your pack or whatever and unknowingly changing your elevation adjustment?

I hunt close quarters in steep hills and thick brush that has me on all 4's with the rifle strapped to my pack or stand. I like the reticle style for playing at the range (500 max) but will likely never use it in a hunting situation where most of my shots are within 75 yards. Having a turret that I can hang on a greenbrier vine and knock out of adjustment is definitely a deal breaker for me.
As Jmr40 said, I also do not believe the freedom line has the zero-lock feature. Some of them have the CDS feature without the zero lock. I believe the regular CDS has a zero stop, but does not have a lockable turret.

I have the Mark 3HD ,4-12x40 that has a zero stop without a lockable turret. The new Mark 3HD and VX3 HD line run from about $500 up to around $750. The VX 3HD line all come equipped with the CDS Zero Lock Feature
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