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There's no free lunch. There is only deciding if what you pay for what you get is worth it.

I'm having a difficult time envisioning any benefit to cutting a magnum barrel short then adding a suppressor, (bringing it back to long length) other than the reduction of muzzle blast.

And there are a number of changes that happen when you do this that could be regarded as drawbacks. And some of them aren't apparent until after the permanent change is made.

Ok, I'm cheap, and I'm old, and not front line infantry or police. I don't spend my days climbing in and out of APCs, helicopters, or other vehicles with a rifle. Nor do I do houseclearing or CQB, and the only overwatch is for deer from a stand. SO, a short handy suppressed rifle is not a priority for me.

I don't see the sense in turning a .300 magnum into a quiet .300 Savage. But, that's just me.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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