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Moisture is the enemy

Here's a handy tip, and it's 100% free!

Whenever you get a new TV set or other electronics it's really common to find little packets of Silica Gel crystals packed with them.

The packets are typically white fabric, they look like pillows for Leprechauns. They vary in size and invariably will have Do Not Eat printed on them.

Save them!

Throw them in your gun safe. Silica gel will absorb moisture from the air and trap it in the crystals. Most gun safes are pretty well sealed when they are locked up. Silica gel inside the safe will absorb moisture and reduce humidity, that's a good thing for your guns.

The silica gel packets can be placed in a WARM not hot oven for a few hours to drive off the moisture, thus regenerating the crystals. The Silica gel packets are good pretty much forever.

Control the environment and you will eliminate rust and corrosion.

There are several commercial products on the market that use Silica Gel crystals. My method is free, and does exactly the same thing. I would not use the Dri-Z-Air type, those use salts, not Silica gel.
Silica gel is quite inert. Spilling some of the stuff or the liquid collected by the Dri Z air things would trash a fine firearm in minutes...that stuff is nasty.
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