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Welcome to TFL, Fallen God! I'm not going to answer everything point by point, because others have already answered most of it. There are, however, a couple of quick points I'd like to make.

Originally Posted by Fallen God View Post
. . . . The gun, at least mine, would remain in my nightstand for a very long period of time; years probably. I dont get out and shoot much; hardly ever. Of course, I do take it out and lube it internally once a year, . . . .
You really should get out and shoot more. Shooting is a perishable skill. Should you ever really, and I mean well-and-truly need your HD gun, you will want to put rounds on target.

Originally Posted by Fallen God View Post
I hear people say to get out stored guns and check them monthly, and to recoat the outside of gun and inside of barrel then put back. Then, field trip annually and clean and oil them. Is this all true? I field trip once a year for my guns.

Should I clean and lube more often then just once a year for stored guns? I hear it can be rough on the gun to.take it apart and clean and lube a lot.
I guess it's theoretically possible to wear out parts by dismantling guns for cleaning, but if you do, I suspect you are either: (1) doing it wrong; or (2) doing it hundreds (if not thousands) of times. Most modern guns are pretty durable.

I don't check mine as often as I should, and I have always leaned towards low-maintenance finishes like parkerizing, Melonite, or Tennifer. My maintenance schedule (if you can call it a "schedule") goes something like this:

1.Carry Guns:
a. About once a month or every other month:
i. Field strip
ii. Check lube
iii. Blow out dust and lint
iv. Clean and lube as necessary
b. Do the same every 2-3 range trips
2. Range Guns:
a. After almost every range trip*:
i. Field strip
ii. Clean
iii. Lube
3. Safe Sitters:
a. Once a year or so, field strip, clean and lube
b. If I actually shoot them, do the same
* = I say "almost" every range trip. If I know I'll be headed back to the range soon, I'll skip the cleaning between trips.
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