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IDK, some people take extreme care of their weapons. Checking and cleaning every month sounds good, certainly wouldn't hurt. I clean my hunting rifles and store them in silicone gun socks until the next season. I've never had a problem with rust doing this. I ensure I wipe the metal down good before I put it in storage, if you don't, you chance rust formation.
I also keep all my firearms loaded, 24/7-365. But that's just me. As I am a firm believer that an unloaded gun kills more people than a loaded one while messing with it. ("Honest Officer, I thought it was unloaded").
I also lightly wipe my cartridges (the ones I'm loading into a firearm) with a silicone cloth, then I wipe them down with a dry rag and load them into a given firearm or magazine. I do not touch the cartridges with bare hands if I do not intend on using the firearm anytime in the near future. I do this to keep any corrosion or discoloration from forming on the cartridges.
Follow the advice TailGator gave you, as that's good advice, if not the best. g/l
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