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So, just to clarify, keep all guns not being used that are stored away without ammunition in them, and ones that are for home defense, with only the magazine in?
The first part, storing unused guns empty, yes. The second, a home defense gun being unchambered, I would tend to say no, because of the delay in making the pistol ready for use. The event that makes you pull that pistol out may give you time to chamber a round, or it may happen so fast that you regret not being able to pull the trigger without further delay.

The gun, at least mine, would remain in my nightstand for a very long period of time; years probably.
That's not great, honestly. It should be cleaned and lubed periodically at the very least, even if it is lightly. Over years of time, lubricants can thicken and become more adhesive than lubricant in character. And you really need to stay more familiar with the operation of your pistol - safety, trigger, slide, magazines - and basic marksmanship if you expect to be effective. Revolvers often fill that lost-in-the-drawer role with greater reliability than a semi. I understand the time issue - it is all I can do sometimes to get to the range once a month - but if you are going to have a loaded pistol around, you really need to get to the range, and to clean and lubricate it, at least a couple of times a year. Much less than that and I would have to worry about the reliability of both pistol and shooter.

Not trying to bust your chops, just offering advice from my heart.
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