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I field-strip and clean my guns annually, whether I fired them over the year, or not.
Internal areas that were lubed are often bone-dry; running a patch through the barrel of a gun that was stored having had an oily patch down the bore prior to storage is not going to be necessary.

Guns that are being maintained strictly for storage get oiled, inside and out.
Guns that might be pulled out of the safe and put straight into action get a coating of grease on the internals, so the lube is still there months down the road.

Leaving a loaded round in the chamber(s) of a freshly lubed gun could result in the primers being rendered inert via oil contamination.
I've read some stuff about using water, oil, and various other substances to intentionally kill primers, they're more durable than you might think, but I wouldn't want to count on a round that had spent appreciable time in a lubed gun.
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