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Seems like a good time I share some info about my local range & my accuracy expectation/definition. 90% of my range time is done on a local indoor range that maxes out at 25 yards. I haven’t found a rest that I like yet, so I’m currently using my range bag as a rest when I do accuracy groups. My goal is to be able to get close to .25” 5-shot groups, not quite there yet best is .33” with my T-bolt.

I didn’t buy either the Tippmann or the HK to be one hole rifle, but I’d like to be able to get them as close to MOA as possible. So when I voice frustrations with accuracy, odds are higher it’s soemthing I’m doing over an issue with the rifle.

I did get to the range today, which was good and a bit of a bust.

Bust first, I got the important reminder that semi-auto 22s need cleaned more often than bolt actions. Lots and lots of light strikes. Wasn’t until I was off the range and taking to friend who works there that we pulled the bolt out and sure enough it was gunned up pretty bad. If nothing else, it was a good reminder that when you switch to a new platform cleaning routines will probably also need to be changed.

The good news is in between light strike issues I was able to get a couple of good groups off. The accuracy is getting better, there were a couple of groups that were more what I was expecting to see at 25 yards. It’s inproving and that what I want see for now as I spend more time behind the rifle. The other good news was while I was trying to solve the misfire I gave it a quick shot of lube just to see if that helped. It didn’t help the light strikes, but it did solve the nose diving in one of the magazines. I’ll give them both a shot of lube and see how they perform on the next trip out.

So two good things and a frustration. At least it appears I’ve solved the nose diving issue and the accuracy is getting closer to what I expected, but I didn’t get to test what I actually went for. Not a wasted day, but not quite what I was looking forward to today.
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