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I love my S&W 15-22, can shoot it better than anything else within the range of a .22 LR because it's light.

What I do wish though is instead of making things difficult if S&W just built a dedicated .22LR upper and then dropped it onto a standard dimension lower - which could've even been a polymer lower (hell if you built a .22 LR you might pick a polymer lower as it kinda makes sense for the type of rifle)... But if they had done it that way then S&W or anyone else could "upgrade" to any lower, all accessories would be mix & match etc.. etc..

What they did create though is a < $400 .22 AR, which works really well and even has an mlock lined quasi free float rail (not really free float but feels that way), comes with a set of magpul flip ups right out of the box too. You can spend twice the $$ and buy something that isn't really that much better of a rifle - or another way to put it, you could buy 2 of these for the price of some of the others. Saw them listed for $330 online recently, very hard to beat.
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