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Just looked at the Tippmann option online... Looks like a decent option.

I built up a dedicated 22lr using a standard lower and a 22lr upper from DPMS. It is unfortunately not available any longer it seems. It was a great option, purposely designed for 22lr from the ground up, not a standard upper with a bolt deigned to fit within the constraints of a standard upper.

I do hear that the CMMG upper is nice, but it doesn't look like a standard upper, there are some outward visual changes that are an easily seen giveaway that it isn't a standard upper.

Not a big deal really, but some may care.

The Tippmann being a complete rifle makes it a good option for those who are not a fan of the S&W rifle.

The magazine design is a little wonky, but I think it's designed to imitate standard magazine appearances.

22 plinkster seemed to not have any issues with theagazines he used in his review. His accuracy was pretty good too, even with bulk ammo. Match gave him less than an inch at 50yds.

The S&W works well, but I do not like that it is lighter than standard. That's a good thing for younger children though, makes it easier for them to hold.

I will never own the S&W, as they lack durability due to the full polymer contruction.

I know someone who snpped their stock off the rifle. Slipped on some mud and fell with the rifle.

Sure, that's outside normal use, but it's not like it's an uncommon thing to slip and fall.
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