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The ATF...

Here is a little kicker...

The BATF&E says they cannot be held liable for ANYTHING they say in either writing or over the phone. What kind of crap is that?

I know of an SOT that purchased a transferable M16 from a lady getting rid of her husband's estate. This SOT aquired, from the ATF, the F4 that the weapon was registered on (as the old lady didn't know where the origonal paperwork was). They thought all was good. They paid the old lady the transferable price for it.

Well when the SOT tried to have the F4 re-registered in their name, they ATF said this was a 'post-sample'.

Ok they (the ATF) sent the SOT the form the item was registered on and it was a transferable F4. Now when the SOT tries to register the M16 to their name, the ATF says they're considering it now as a post-sample.

Long story made short. The ATF doesn't have a governing body over it willing to enforce common sense and actual law. They go unchecked on way to many fronts, and do what the hell they want to do. After all the ATF is the anti-NRA. Thay make up law that enforces what they want.

(I cant complain to badly though... their NFA Branch as been quite quick on my transfers recently... :-) I just got approved F4's for a MAC and a Sonics can in less than a month time)
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