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RRPG army dump dig - October 2012 - Video

Hi all

Please find below a link to the video about the most recent trip made by the WW2 Relic Retrieval & Preservation Group, (RRPG), to the army dump discovered a year ago. This video shows relics being recovered as well as showing what they looked like after cleaning. We uncovered all sorts of stuff on this trip including gun parts, bayonet handles, MG parts, PIAT parts, ammo tins..........a large variety of WW2 weapon relics. We also uncovered a number of relics from way before WW2.

As I have previously shown your forum members the work of the group, I thought they may like to be updated with our efforts at this important site.

I hope you enjoy the video.


Steve T

PS No music on it I'm afraid as the guys at Youtube get all anal about the use of background music. Sorry
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