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Sorry, I don't have that publication. But I do have a 1992 copyright Kuhnhausen's shop manual on Remington shotguns, which has a list of Remington receiver codes on page 16. And for 12 ga. 870s, V is the receiver code for a 2 3/4" gun, while M is the code for a 3". Since the Super Magnum came out later it isn't on the list in this book and I don't own one, so I can't say what the code is for the 3.5" gun.

The difference in the V and M coded receivers from the factory is merely the difference in the ejectors, the Magnum ejector is set a bit further back. The ejection ports are the same size.

Please note that in order to safely use 3" shells even in a magnum receiver 870, the barrel has to have at least a 3" chamber too.

I haven't seen all the Express guns ever made, but so far I have yet to see one that was 2 3/4" only...
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