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littlebikerider asked:
Thanks for such detailed feedback! So far I have been able to work with bullseye, unique, titlegroup, and cfe pistol. Of those, I seem to have best results with bullseye for light/medium loads and cfe pistol for heavier loads in my sp-101 4”. I haven’t been able to put enough rounds through my Henry to make any real statements.

Any other powder recommendations, primarily looking for accuracy over power?

Red Dot would not be my recommended powder - It's just what I had at the time.

If I had had some Hodgdon Trail Boss that's what I would have used for my revolvers.

I assume your "Henry" is a rifle.
I don't have recommendation for straight walled pistol cartridges in a rifle.
Would probably just chrono the Trail Boss load in a rifle if you liked it for your revolver load and research from there.
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