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Originally Posted by TruthTellers View Post
I'm well aware of the benefits of reduced powder/air gap in cases giving improved performance, I was just figuring that .327 loaded with Trail Boss would fill the case well and also give a fairly high, but not too high, velocity.

Hmm... now I'm wondering if I should also try these bullets in a .32 S&W Long case. Would only be shooting in a .32 Mag and .327, so I could load it hotter than standard .32 Long, granted there is no data out there I know of loading a .32 ACP bullet into .32 Long.

I'll have to work on this.
Not 71, but I use 78 gr .312 lead in 32 SWL with remarkable accuracy. I think that bullet would be running too fast in a 327 Federal load. In 32 H&R I use 95-100 grain, partly because that was what the data source specified, again with good results.

Unclenick mentioned Tin Star as not being as bulky as Trailboss, and while true to my findings, Tin Star calls for a higher powder weight for a given bullet and velocity, resulting in the same sort of case fill that is achieved with Trail Boss. Tin Star is reportedly the better performer, so I too plan to give it a try. I use Trailboss in all my cowboy ammo; 38 Long Colt, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 41 Magnum, 44 Special, 44 Magnum, and 45 Colt. All those are involved because of some having only backup gun roles and with pistols and rifles having different cartridges.
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