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Originally Posted by Crankylove
I believe Frankenmauser had similar results, but it’s been long enough I can’t be certain.
We loaded a box, each, with identical components and powder charges - at least for the first go-round.

For others reading this, the test firearms were:
Me: Ruger Blackhawk 5.5" .327 Federal
Crankylove: Ruger SP101 3" .327 Federal

Originally Posted by Unclenick

Thank you for providing an example of why people should start with the bottom load in a published load range and work up, and not just assume something in the middle of the listing range is automatically going to be an OK place to start. Sometimes it's not. Western Powders, specifically, also suggests handgun loads should begin 15% below the listed maximum and not just the usual 10% below that most people cite and which even Western finds adequate for rifle loads. Som apparently they've noticed the same thing you did.
I think Crankylove is mis-remembering, or confusing some of the early trials we had with .327 Federal.
I remember it fairly clearly.

The True Blue loads were starting loads right out of the Western Powders' manual, using the exact components listed -- lot numbers / production runs being the only notable uncontrolled variables. Case brand is not noted, but at that time, only FC/Speer was available. Starline had not, yet, started offering .327 Federal.

Crankylove tried some. I tried some. We were testing on the same day, in the same place, and were able to easily compare. Results were very erratic and concerning, with just a couple cylinders' worth of cartridges fired.

One of the things that may be a source of confusion is that we did retest with different primers. Western Powders, in their Ramshot load data pamphlet at the time, called for WSP primers (I still have every bit of load data that I've ever obtained - I believe it was v4.4 that we used); and we did use WSPs. We also reloaded some of the cartridges with different primers (CCI 550 "SP Magnum" I believe), but results were just as bad. I don't remember if we were aware, at that time, that factory ammo was loaded with small rifle primers.

We were both quite hesitant to continue with testing.
The only good that came out of that, other than knowing to avoid True Blue, was the final bit of motivation to buy a Hornady Cam-Lock bullet puller.

I do remember Crankylove trying to find a way to get True Blue to work; but not exactly what he did. But, in the end, that canister of powder just ended up holding his shelf down.
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