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Thank you for providing an example of why people should start with the bottom load in a published load range and work up, and not just assume something in the middle of the listing range is automatically going to be an OK place to start.
Glad I could help.

Although I wouldn’t recommend it, more than once I’ve just picked a middle of the road load and loaded up a few rounds for testing, instead of working up from the lowest data............most of the time it’s worked for me, couple times (like these True Blue loads), it hasn’t worked, and I end up starting over at the bottom end anyway.

I did back off the middle of the road loads, and go with a couple lower power loads, hoping the True Blue would settle down, but got the same results, and set the powder aside for a while, using powders that had already proved ok for those two cartridges. When my dad brought up wanting to try some in his 9mm, I offered it too him, and haven’t tried any since. That’s been 10ish years ago, and I could’ve played with it more, but knowing I already had powders that worked good, I didn’t have a whole lot of motivation, and took the easy way out.
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