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Originally Posted by FrankenMauser View Post
TrailBoss was extremely unpredictable and sketchy when I tried it in .32 H&R and .327 Federal.
I tried the powder in nearly everything I owned, after it was actually obtainable (for a few years, it was very difficult to find in stock).

I have a short list of cartridges where it just didn't work as intended, and I won't revisit the combination(s). The #1 spot on that list is occupied by .32 H&R / .327 Federal.

Unique, HP-38/W231, TiteGroup, Herco, and a dozen more pistol powders are better options ... and cheaper per powder charge, in some cases.
I haven't had any issues with it, in fact it's probably my favorite powder for .32 S&W Long. I have tried it in .32 H&R and IIRC it was good with one bullet and meh with another, but I came to find out that the Henry .327 doesn't like bullets under 90 grains.

With .327, I get the sense that max charges with Trail Boss are the way to go along with a magnum primer.
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