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Thinking of improvements to a .32 plinking load

Some time ago I had made a thread asking about improving a handload using the Berry's 71 grain .32 bullet for use in .32 H&R Magnum, even tho the bullet is meant for .32 ACP.

I hit the range recently and brought a box of the ammo I had made last year to blast thru and empty the cases for future use. The ammo was my handload in a .32 H&R Mag case using the 71 grain Berry's bullet with the 4.5 gr of Unique. To my surprise, it shot really well offhand at 7-10 yards, so well I am now going to try and use the Berry's .32 bullet as the standard plinking load for my .32/.327 Mag revolvers.

It was the first time I shot paper with the SP101, so seeing the group was exciting, especially when I was expecting it to give me a shotgun patten.

During shooting, I noticed some rounds were noticeably weaker than the rest and I have to attribute that to the weak crimp and maybe low powder charge. When I made the handload last year, I only had a .32 Mag roll crimp die, however I recently got into loading for .32 ACP and now have the seating die for that which does a slight taper crimp.

I'm now thinking of a Trail Boss load for use in both the .32 H&R and .327 case as it fills the case better (I'm thinking the inconsistancy was caused by a low powder charge and a weak crimp) and since Berry's states 1250 fps as the max velocity with most of their bullets (at least those not designated as being "heavy plated") that Trail Boss would be appropriate given it will get nowhere near 1250 fps in a revolver.

Berry's states that load data for both lead and regular jacketed bullets is fine for their bullets and Trail Boss has data for a 77 grain bullet listed on the webpage for that powder and I figure that should be sufficient.

What I'm wondering is because of the light crimp that must be applied, is Trail Boss a good powder to be used? Are their certain powders out there I'm not aware of that work best with a light, almost no crimp?

I figure I should ask this even tho I feel certain that using the .32 ACP die to put a taper crimp on the .32/.327 Mag cases will improve performance. If you're wondering why I'm so stuck in the mud with using this Berry's bullet, it's because it's the cheapest .32 bullet I can find, normally 5 cents a bullet when on sale.
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