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Thank You Bill M and Petah W.
I bought this at L.L. Bean of all places. for a couple hundred bucks. Haven't measured the bbl length yet. it does have a nice little fancy trigger guard, round bbl, wood is amazingly good, and the bbl still has about 30-40% bluing. The bbl is marked for .22 S,L,LR The bolt is a staright knob type that you just flip up and pull back.

One thing that amazed me is that the crescent shaped steel buttplate is still a perfect fit to the stock. No chips at the corners and no dings in the butplate.

My first thought was to buy this as a winter project gun. refinish the stock and re blue the metal, but now I may just clean it up and shoot it. I have an old original Stevens Favorite that I have had forever (and passed down to me) that I plink with and take out a pesky squirrel with and that is a blast to play with.
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