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Winchester--along with darned near everyone else---made a line of
small "boys rifles". Similar to the current Crickett etc.--little single
shot 22 rifles made by--well--darned near everybody.

The Winchesters were:

Model 1900. 1899-1902. I've got one and it's a fun little gun. Been
a lot of kids that learned basic safety and marksmanship on that little
gun--I'll add a couple more when the grandkids get just a bit older.

Model 1902. 1902-1931. Had a fancy trigger guard.

Model 1904. 1904-1931. IIRC, the barrel on this one was heavier.

And the holy grail of itty bitty Winchesters, the thumb trigger model 99.
Yup--it didn't have a trigger, just a button on the back that you pressed
with you thumb. Weird.

1900 was short/long only.

04 was just about any 22, including extra long on some of the later guns.

02 I'm not sure about--I thought it was S,L,LR

Thumb trigger? Who cares! If I ever see one for a reasonable
price I'm buying it.
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