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Welcome to Highpower!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the sport. You will find that there are no better people than Highpower shooters, bar none.

I need some more info before I make any recommendations for you. How seriously could you get into HP? Do you have the time, money, and interest to invest in it? If you are really serious, you can plan on spending at least every other weekend at a match or doing something with HP. I shoot almost a match a week. You can also plan on having up to $5K invested within your first three years. After that, you will spend very little, and it will seem like you are shooting matches for pennies from then on. The start up costs are prohibitive for many, though. You won't excel without being really interested in it, and dedicating a good deal of practice towards it. Those are some stiff requirements for "interest" but I need to know how you would stack up against this so I can give you some suggestions. Let me know.
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