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This is broadhead I use


Sights 5 pin[gallery2]/5/


Bow not the long draw model

Learned lot the last couple years. Haven't taken anything with bow closest got to elk was 124yds. this next year 2013 hope I get draw for buck tag also get elk tag and we plan on full 30 days archery season.

I agree with warbirdlover getting bow tuned right is first thing to do and good shop will handle adjustment that you may need as you gain more experience. I sure didn't start out shooting the Pro Hunter arrows and when I got the matrix this year I start seeing what a better bow and arrows can help with accuracy and I move from 50yd to 60yd real quick and been doing little at 70yds

It's all about practice and yardage and I was pretty good at 20yd before I got serious shooting further and maybe I shot one two arrow at 30yd got back to 20 than move back to 30 and I did that to 60yds took about year and 1/2 do that. I sure won't pass on good 60yd shot if I had the chance. My wife got her deer at 53yd thru heart this year she is shoot shuttle T 100gr broadhead.

We go fishing up high country shoot blocks and bows got with us and I'm lucky got range as house and got 3D deer targets and I'm expanding yardage to 80yd now not that I take a shot hunting.

We've met lot of nice friendly bow hunters and target shooters been very encouraging but we've shown pretty good interest also in wanting to learn. Couple guy who work at the shop are pro staff for Hoyt also Mathews and some are very active in Colorado Bowhunters Assn and some put on match like Vegas 450 league and 3D also have some National ranking shooter that shoot in some of the leagues. Hoyt been pretty active in the wounded warrior program and archery shop given teams free access to practice and other things.

We plan on going to a senior match in Utah this spring and maybe to Louisville,KY and maybe to Las Vegas in Feb for a match. I have no illusion at 70 that I be national ranking archery match shooter but we enjoying it.
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