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Pull Down Powder

I'm working on this 8mm Mauser project. I'm pulling down 1955 Yugo ammo that hang fires a great deal. The primers are too hard, which is typical of that ammo. This ammo I am reloading is from a case I unsealed myself.

I used H414 in the last loads, worked ok actually. But I burned off that original powder. On this set I am going to reuse the powder and just change the case and primer.

The powder is a course flake and loads to the bottom of the neck. The Yugo ammo actually is pretty accurate when it fires. I compared the case capacities of the Yugo case and the Winchester case I am using. The Yugo case has slightly less capacity. I pulled ammo in 3/10 round sets and averaged the powder charge. I came up with a high of 40.8 grains and a low of 40.5 grains. then I pulled rounds signally and came to the same results. I'm using 40.5 grains in this load. It meters well in my Hornady lock and load auto powder measure. I will be using standard CCI primers.

I don't want to toss 900 rounds worth of powder that looks perfect and comes from ammo that is basically very accurate in my Mausers, when it fires.

I'll post how it goes
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