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Decades ago (I'm getting old) I played with quite a few chronographs. Actually wrote a couple reviews of them way back when. I never found them to be all that useful, however, so I got rid of the last one years ago. They are certainly interesting but I'm not at all sure that they are useful.

Then too with the trend of putting the electronics downrange where you can shot it I became even less interested.

I suppose I could buy an Oehler but he is probably still very angry with me. He patented the skyscreen, the plastic above his detectors which helps considerably with glair. He was using that patent to drive his competitors out of the market. Unfortunately, however, he didn't invest it. One of the pictures I had from an article where the camera put a date stamp on the negative showed that that was in common use before Oehler's patent. He wasn't too happy about that.
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