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Glenn E. Meyer
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Being a psychologist, I have to once again argue with the layperson view of trauma.

We can debate the tactics involved but you can deal with the trauma.

I suggest you ask all the soldiers and police who have had critical incidents because something went awry. Give them the choice of death covered in sauce and eaten by dogs vs. living and seeing their families again.

This is why we have programs for stress disorders for police, fire and soldiers. We help them deal with it and avoid suicide. We help rape victims.

Please spare us from the psychobabble. You don't know of what you speak. A person can recover from horrendous psychological trauma - it is preferred over death.

You will need the strength to deal with having to make the choice to deal with your trauma and having made the rational choice.

Amazing about the self-proclaimed trauma experts here.

If you want to talk about tactics, go ahead. Armchair psychology will cease.
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