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MLeake, there might or might not be another video. The one I saw just showsa good view of the viewing area and dog area. There is a net, unfortunately the child didn't get saved from it for whatever reason.

poprivit, my post(s) do not advocate jumping in. With that in mind, MLeake didn't say he would blindly jump in during a feeding frenzy when their 'on button' is running. He was saying if he was able to send them in flight mode. First off, one can get in that area without breaking a bone....some of the older folks obviously have more of a concern, but one does WHAT HE CAN). Obviously people on this forum have experience with ankles and such. I am being serious, as I have the same experience from my youth when I wasn't worried about it. It's a small price to pay to save a child in my opinion though. The bottom line is if someone had broken the "mentality" this pack was in the boy could've been saved. Eventually personnel did just that and only had to shoot the one remaining aggressive dog.Nobody was able to think quick enough(AKA: they sat there in horror and shock while this boy was pretty much eaten alive or at least ripped to shreds). I have seen this happen to cats. This was an unfair situation.

the first order of business is DOING SOMETHING! I know women who would've jumped in to their deaths trying to save their baby. I bet if a different mother did this, men might have followed. Speculation and other unnecessary deaths don't help. I am just making a point.

Besides all of that though, immediate emergency dictates immediate response. This thread started off with people worrying about shooting a dog or zoo animal. That stuff is worried about later...a child is about to be killed and you have the means to possibly save a life. I do believe this boy could've been saved; I also believe the 'window' for this was very small...
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