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So we have another one who opts to leave the toddler with the dogs.

Do you have kids, poprivit? How would your answer change if it were your child?

Do you think a .375 is needed for animals in the 37 to 80 pound range? That is pretty close to the description for coyotes, which are often as not hunted with .22's and varmint rifles. Maybe these painted dogs are more wolverine than dog? People are sure making them out to be tougher than Rottweilers and Argentine dogos.

By the way, what's the difference in ground impact velocity between an 11' drop and a typical landing from static line with a 24' canopy? I suspect not much, but maybe one of our airborne types can answer that one. (Edit: Just looked it up; a paratrooper under a round chute hits the ground with an impact equivalent to that from a 9 foot drop. He does that with equipment on his person, too, so...)

Also, having not seen the video, as noted, were all 11 dogs in a "feeding frenzy?" Or were some of them attacking while others were on the outer periphery? Somebody who's seen the video, please describe the actual activity amongst the 11 dogs.

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