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Jump in and shoot? Oh really?

Let's see - eleven wild dogs in a feeding frenzy. Joe Q. Public decides to jump down 11-14 feet and take 'em on with a 9mm, or similar.

Hmmm. Well - I've been to Africa four times on Safari (I'm a gun writer), seen my share of wild dogs. They go in a feeding, killing frenzy, you get within 10 yards, you become the center of attention. They aren't real scared of a gun; they don't have an off switch, and I've seen the results/remains of a 300 lb wildebeest that ran across them. Plus, they're very fast. By the time you hit the ground ...

You fall heavily to the ground, breaking a bone. You take 10 seconds to recover. Ummm, bye for now. Dog chow!

Ok, I know all you super shooters can leap tall buildings and come up shooting, but I've seen the dogs in Zimbabwe and Botswana - stick to your daydreams and shoot with your keyboards.

BTW: I carry a Ruger .375 in Africa. A 9mm will mostly get you in trouble in very short order.
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