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DNS, I hear you. Thx for your post and yes as long as you act immediately I believe your range of thought is matching my posts. I would've had less than half the shots as you, and there is no way I am going to shoot the child. Of course that is always 'the risk you take', but there are ways to avoid that as I mentioned earlier(and as you did as well).

I hate to throw speculation out there because I for one believe the response from the animals was immediate especially when it is obvious people have thrown food from there before(common-sense even though it is against the rules....weird how there is no fence or anything):

but how much time is a normal delay(for thos of you who think you had no time to do anything)?

it is dang a possibility a dog ran up to him and someone decided to yell 'shu' doggy and 'good' he isn't gonna do anything(probably the dog that ended up being shot and was the first to bite). I guess emergency mode for some people is when the dog latched its jaws on the child?? emergency mode is before that boy hits the net! like I posted earlier, ermergency mode for my daughter was when the employee put her on the counter and turned her back(she thought it was no big deal and I guess others would've had emergency mode when the child hit the floor falling off the counter going by some posts).

Everytime a child falls off a waterfall in yosemite and I read the articles there are witnesses who claimed they said something to the parents yada yada yada. that child had no business sitting on that ledge but I don't know the circumstances. I'll take a tongue lashing to voice my opinion...I can't control a parent, but after I am tonguelashed he/she will probably decide against doing what I voiced I was against or leave the setting. rant off(ps- TFL taught me that line lol)
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