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Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs View Post
The OP has already BOUGHT the gun. I'm sure more of those guns work than don't.
So, why does everyone feel they must caution the OP?
Because it's dangerous. Not just the money. You think you carry it out to protect youself, then it jams. Some times, you just make a mistake, you wasted say $60dollars, get over it. You don't want to be dead right.

I remember the springs were not good, say you go to the range and happens to shoot a few rounds without jamming, but when you carry it for a year, the springs got compressed and change the tension, you might have a problem.

Too bad I dumped the springs away 30 years ago to show. It was so bad that I deemed it's not worth fixing. I know how to fix guns, I worked on the Walther PPK, Colt Gold Cup and my S&W659 to make them very reliable. they are made of high quality material.

Never have I seen something that is being condemned so unanimously like this Jennings. And you want to take a chance with your life just to save that little money? And try to say you did not make a mistake?
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