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I bought a Jennings22LR in the 80s, it's the WORST gun I ever bought. The metal is very soft, the springs are made of really inferior materials. I learn my lesson and never ever buy any off brand names just to save a few dollars. That was bad.

When buying a gun, you really need to read which brand is popular where people have a lot of experience with, don't just look at the price. Stay with known brands like S&W, Colt, Glock, Sig, Ruger etc. Those are well proven in the quality.

My wife bought a Charter Arm snubby, she literally shot that thing to the ground. I work of guns, I opened it up, the SA notch was worn out to the point it's dangerous. She bought it new, she must not put over 1000 rounds. The wearing on the metal is astonishing.....just to save like $50. We got rid of the Charter Arm.

Maybe your Jennings is better now after 30 years. But I would never touch it with a 10' pole. Metal is important in guns, not all "steel" are equal. Because of my bad experience with Jennings and Charter Arm, I never dare to look at Taurus when they first came out at the time. As long as I can find what I want in the name brands, I am not going to take the chance.

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