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True, maybe...

Remember we are talking about head shots here so there is no way the brain will not be damaged.
There are two assumptions made here, or perhaps just implied, but neither is a guaranteed certainty.

First is that a bullet to the head will enter the brain. While this usually happens, there is enough documented evidence that, due to many variables, it does not always happen.

Second, that the damage to the brain will be enough to achieve the desired effect, namely instant incapacitation. Again, no guarantee.

Several have mentioned the "off switch" (hypo-whatever...) and how, if a bullet gets there, the BG shuts down right now, usually DRT. No pull of a trigger possible. Ok, fine. Now, with the movement of the head, power of the round, shape of the bullet, angle of impact, ability of the shooter, construction of tissues, and some other factors I'm sure exist, how can you be certain that your bullet will get where you need it to go?

Bullets do funny things sometimes. 99 shots may go perfect, and shot 100 hits the right spot on the outside, and takes a left turn at Albquerque inside, before getting to that magic "off switch".

Police snipers, with their training and equipment still only take the shot as a last resort. And they have a legal department to back them up if it doesn't go perfectly. We don't.

With a handgun, all the negative possiblities are increased. Tough call, because if things don't go perfectly, then YOU are going to be blamed. And even if they do go perfectly, you can still be blamed.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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