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I have a funny story about my Traditions Kentucky. Ever since I bought the thing I have always HATED the rear sight on it. It was VERY hard to pick up and I always thought I need a better sight on it. But the rifle is stoopid accurate so I always just dealt with it. Well one October morning this year, I'm sitting up in my 20 foot hang on stand in the holler. And I'm enjoying the sunrise and the woods waking up. In that time I look down at my rifle laying on my lap and it was like a search light turned on in my noogin. I suddenly realized the dang rear sight is INSTALLED BACKWARDS!! I looked at it from the front of the rear sight (the muzzle side) and sure enought the sight is relieved around the notch on that side. I took it home and with a brass punch I knocked it out and flipped it around. And wouldn't you know it, HOT DANG its like a new rifle and I CAN SEE the sights MUCHO BETTAH!! SMH what a KNUCKLE HEAD!!
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