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Its times like these....

That I'm happy I LOVE stuffing the front! I have plenty of those modern fang dangled boom sticks. But there's just something about the BOOM, Smoke, and the smell of fire and Brimstone in a holler early in the morning. Ammo Shortage? Not as long as I got a fire and pot, hehehe. I hope all of you guys have been doing well. It has been a minute or three since I've been in here. I'm still Rocking my Traditions Kentucky Rifle in the Deer Woods. She has proven herself time and time again. For a Cheap (ish) rifle, It serves me well. I have her ironed out and she is Balls dang near in the same hole accurate. Hunting load is a Mere 90 grains of the Black, a .015 ticking patch, and a home cast .490 ball. It hits em like Thor's hammer too. Happy Holidays to you all, and happy shooting!
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