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Originally Posted by OuTcAsT
Are you saying that the act of being armed is, in and of it's self, RAS of a crime ?
No, not saying that at all. I live in Louisiana, which is a very gun-friendly state. I assume that 25% the people I interact with are armed. That doesn't make them criminals. I also assume that half the cars I stop have firearms inside. That doesn't indicate criminal activity. Not at all.

The thing I find troubling is that we are arguing over how we should behave at police checkpoints in a free country.

We should be ashamed that we accept the presence of such checkpoints as compatible with our liberty.
I agree with that as well. I'm no fan of checkpoints. Don't like them at all.

Originally Posted by johnelmore
So a judge or jury in Pawpaws area of operation is ok with searching any armed person.
Nope, I didn't say that either. Most folks would be horrified, and rightfully so. I personally would never do such a thing. It would be unethical, and probably unlawful.
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