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The sheriff's deputy is a member of a drug task force that works I-24 in Rutherford County, just outside of Nashville going toward Chattanooga. This force has worked that section of I-24 for 20 or so years. A friend of mine's son is on the force. Rumor is that a lot drug trafficking passes through that section of the interstate.

Normally, they don't operate checkpoints. They look for speeders, bad tail lights, etc... in order to make stops. They've made some big drug busts over the years and have a reputation and it's not for adhering to the 4th amendment. They definitely "profile." A Hispanic would be crazy to try the stuff this kid did.

I think the deputy just got ticked off at the kid for not rolling his window down all the way. Not sure, but my guess is that state troopers were also working the DUI checkpoint and this guy messed with the wrong person.
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