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I've been stopped three times in the past few years (no tickets issued) and the interaction with law enforcement was nothing but pleasant, smooth and quick. That said, this seems to be a case of an officer a bit too full of himself who decides to make this guy's life miserable because he wouldn't roll down the window.

A Chicago Tribune story a few years ago said drug sniffing dogs are right about 44 percent of the time, and only 27 percent of the time when a Hispanic driver was involved. I wouldn't want to spend the night in jail based on that level of accuracy. The story said that in many instances where the dog was wrong, he was reacting to a cue from his handler, not a drug scent.

Investigators at the University of California at Davis assessed the accuracy of 18 drug and/or explosive detection dog/handler teams in a four-room church. No drugs or target scents were present in any of the rooms, but handlers were falsely told that contraband was present in two of the rooms, each marked by a piece of red construction paper. Authors reported 225 incorrect responses overall, but found that dogs were more likely to provide false alerts in rooms where their handlers believed that illicit substances were present.

I haven't read every post on this topic; did they ever do a breath or blood test on this guy? It WAS a DUI checkpoint, after all.
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