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Many years ago, I was on my way to deer camp late at night in my old Land Cruiser. I was in the hills on a gravel road when a coyote ran across in front of me, stopping when he got to the brush on the road side. I hit the skids, grabbed my 10-22, and popped him in the head slick as you please. Not exactly legal, safe or responsible, but I didn't used to be any of these things.
I ran out and grabbed the coyote, and tossed him on the passenger side floorboard, happy to have a $30 pelt.
A half mile or so up the road, I took my flashlight and to my horror found him to be very alive, and looking real mad. I pulled over to the side and found my tire iron and went to take care of business. After a bit of a struggle, I realized that I couldn't get a good enough swing inside the cab to get the job done.
I figured I'd better get the rifle and finish him off, but didn't want to shoot holes in my rig, so I drug him out on the ground and pumped a couple more into his head. - without getting bit.
If this sounds like a really ugly fiasco, believe me, it was. jd
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