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Just about any firearm will work for home defense IF YOU'VE PRACTICED WITH IT. If you don't practice with what you plan to use for home defense, that is where you often run into problems. Shotguns are, in general, pretty good home defense tools but there are other times when a rifle can be a good or better tool. It depends on the tactical situation you find yourself facing and the amount of accuracy that you need to obtain in order to bring a situation to a successful conclusion. A decent rifle can let you have good precision fire that a shotgun might not let you have in some cases. But a rifle will not give you as much power on target in one very effective wallop like shotgun will give you. So the key is to adjust your tactics to the firearm that you've using and understanding what your firearm can do for you. Since I have practiced with both, I would feel comfortable using either a rifle or a shotgun for my home defense needs.
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