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I think a semi-auto rifle in .223 or 5.45 is easier to use, more effective (especially against multiple attackers and people wearing body armor), and also safer for innocent bystanders because of less penetration through walls.
Boy, this is scary to read here. The only time I've heard of multiple attackers wearing body armor they were called POLICE. Is that who your worried about?
You've never heard of home invasions? You've never heard of home invaders wearing soft body armor? Sure, it's not terribly common, but because I consider it a plus that my 50 gr. V-Max .223 loads will penetrate soft body armor (and still penetrate through walls less than a shotgun or handgun), that makes me a criminal?

Almost all rifle rounds will penetrate soft body armor. I like the fact that if my house is broken into by a guy wearing a vest he bought online for $200, my weapon will still be effective.
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