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Local shop about 15 yrs ago -- when I started this current obsession with accumulating firearms -- they used to run a Saturday/Sunday special. There'd be a crowd of people, more than 100, lots of BS, free coffee, cookies.

Mostly they were selling handguns, and CCW classes. CCW was relatively new and there was a huge market for concealed guns. And boy did they have an inventory, new and used!

So I'd hang out, get enamored over something in the case, take it home. Couple weeks later, I'd be off on a new direction . . . Glock 22, Colt Mustang, K-Frame Smith . . . Or they had a huge stock of "retired" Rem. 870 shotguns from the Denver PD. I'm pretty sure I never bought a rifle from them. My rifles in those days were military surplus Mausers and Mosins out of Big 5 Sporting Goods.

At any rate -- I'd pick up something, trade in something else, on, and on, and on. One day, looking in the "used case" . . . I realized that most of the handguns there were ones that I'd owned at one time or another!

We all know how trades with the shop go -- (Why don't we have a smilie of a "$" with wings?)

These days I have pretty much every gun I've ever wanted. (I missed out on the Colt SAA Bisley in 44/40!) Every caliber, every application. (3 Uzi, 2 cannons)

These days I seem to be accumulating knives. Only I don't trade them in. I just seem to pile them up.

We're still looking for the ideal concealed carry gun --

I just bought 2 new pairs of boots (and I already own 4 other pair).
Yeah, boots -- probably more than a dozen pair, and seven bicycles, four tents, three sleeping bags.

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