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Everybody will have their own preferences.My brother has the high ech Garmin Rhino,its nice,gps /radio that keeps track of your buddy.

I have done ok wth a cheap Garmin Cricket.

Have you ever been watching satellite TV when a storm came in and you lost signal?.The same thing will happen with a GPS and that is interesting when a white out snow squall hits you November at 8000 ft plus.Got the Tee Shirt!

On the margins of a standard USGS 1:24,000 topo,are little black tic marks.Those represent tje 1 kilometer squares of the military grid reference system.I take a straight edhge and draw that grid on my map.

I also put in a few declination ref lines,about 14 deg east in Colorado.

I set up my GPS to give me MGRS(military grid reference system) instead of lat/long

I navigate with my map and compass.If I get uncertain,I can verify my position with an 8 digit grid coordinate.The I go back to map and compass.

Now,one situation the GPS is king,fishing lakes in Canada,with all the fingers and coves and islands and trees,and they all look the same.
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