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We have a society that has been impacted by social media like never before. In the past your family was the strongest impact on the average persons outlook on life. I do not believe this is the case anymore. Media of all kinds directly connects to the youth and unfortunately you get gangs of inexperienced young adults and even somewhat older adults who collaborate to form their own reality.

We live in a society were fads are becoming the normal because of this overall media effect and the influences of peer groups with little age or wisdom. How many times do you see young people doing blatantly stupid stuff just for attention and their friends encourage it.

Regardless of where anyone sits on the political spectrum I doubt there are few who would disagree that this nation has become hyper polarized. Were it all ends or what the new normal will be in the end is a big question. I hope the youth will find a proper place for guns as our founders wished... but if you've seen youtube, its scary to see what passes for normal or good.
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