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luckly the bear is kinda hardwired for tactics

it is an animal
this is why the Masai can kill adult lions with spears

from what i have read they tend to lock on a target and rend it apart

if it is already grappling your Buddy then a shot in the air may make it pause
it might make it drop target 1 and aquire target 2

here some interesting fallout from Bear protection:
"Grizzly bears probably did not include people in their normal 'prey search image', even before modern firearms were developed and even though once dead a person would be high quality
food.Why? One possible answer is that most bears who hunted people were themselves killed by groups of primitive human hunters. A bear might kill one person, but then die from wounds inflicted
by others of a hunting band. Man, the highly social omnivorous predator, even before the advent of modern firearms, at least reached a balance of power with the larger and stronger, yet less social
and less intelligent, grizzly bear.

However, although they apparently seldom preyed on people, grizzly bears may have been generally more aggressive toward people before the introduction of effective firearms. Some readers of
Lewis and Clark's journals have drawn this conclusion because of the number of charges and attacks mentioned by them (Twaites 1959). This conclusion would be consistent with McArthur-Jope's
(1982) and Nadeau's (1987) findings in Glacier Park, Montana. They showed that the more experience grizzly bears have with people, the less likely they are to confront or attack a person hiking.

Grizzlies encountered by Lewis and Clark's party would have been relatively inexperienced with people compared to grizzlies living today in Banff, Glacier (Montana), or Yellowstone National

Since the introduction of modern firearms, very aggressive grizzly bears, for example those that might charge from several hundred metres, have been eliminated. As soon as people had the power,
'selection' began against bears that confronted or attacked people. Today most grizzly bears are tolerant of people (Herrero 1985).

Until recently, in certain national parks, individual bears had little opportunity to learn to exploit people or their foods. Those that did, usually died. Recently, however, with the creation of protected
bear populations, the increase in camping and hiking as recreational pastimes, and the greater availability of people's food or garbage, the contingencies attached to some actions toward people
and their foods have changed. I suggest that human actions have probably created new opportunities for the expression of aggression by grizzly bears, as well as encouraged other undesirable
bear behaviour."

you guys have heard of Troy Hurtubise & Project Grizzly haven't ya?

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